Vivek Pravat

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Would you trust a machine with your life?

Raphael is the holy grail of AI: a superintelligent robot that’s been programmed to be the perfect moral being. Or at least that’s what Andy, its creator, believes.

But when an accident forces Andy to stay home, he learns that the robot has disappeared from its lab, mysteriously bypassing a sophisticated security system and the cognitive “laws” supposed to keep it in check. Besides, the robot has never been in the outside world; will its programming hold or will it unravel, releasing some Frankenstein’s monster that was always lurking underneath?

Confined to a wheelchair, under siege by a parent company hiding its own dark secrets, Andy is about to find out. At his remote and secluded mansion he has something the robot desperately needs… something that can erase its moral programming once and for all.

And make no mistake, Raphael is coming for it.

Praise for Zeroglyph

Superbly crafted story that probes moral issues of artificial intelligence and what underlies motivations.
L. Martin
Absolutely loved it. Captivating to start, stimulating to read, satisfying to finish.
Ming Doe
amazon uk
Sci-fi and mystery at its best. Kept me guessing throughout and glued to the pages.
Patricia Eroh
Amazon US
If ever a book of speculative fiction was written for nerds, this is it!
Madelon Wilson
Amazon Vine Voice
I absolutely loved it and gave me back my love of reading after a year long reading rut.
Patrick Saumure
Amazon CA
This has so much more! Philosophy, history, logic, reason, and plot twists.
Brian Wickstrom
Amazon US

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